Are you...

  • tired of hearing crickets every morning when you open your email?
  • sick of hearing the word NO when you share your services with potential clients?
  • feeling the all too familiar pang of jealousy when you see all these other entrepreneurs crushing it and jetsetting off to Paris and Fiji every other weekend?
  • experiencing this feeling that you’re thisclose to taking off in your biz, but can’t seem to figure out what you’re missing?
  • tired of making “just enough” in your life and business and wanting to start making oodles of cash, (and feel on purpose while doing it)?
  • over the...someday...thinking?  You’re ready to have your wildest dreams and desires come to life, like, yesterday.

Do you...

  • feel a deep passion to serve the world and transform lives?
  • deeply desire to know exactly who you are meant to serve and how you can effectively communicate that ability to them?
  • long for the days when your bank account feels full, on fire and like more than enough?
  • crave the juicy confidence that comes with a full practice and a wait list to boot?
  • dream about the day when you will open your email and Facebook to only discover more and more subscribers and followers?
  • yearn to bring in new sales in your sleep, like it ain’t no thang?
  • feel 1000% ready to master your sales process, so fully, that your ideal clients say YES with ease and invest in your program on the spot?


Any of this sound familiar?

Ohhh sister, I get it.

I spent almost two years in my business, flailing, hearing crickets, and pretty much just not bringing in any new clients.  It was draining, exhausting, and slowly chipping away at my confidence.  I felt so alive through the actual act of coaching, but felt like I was trying to speak another language when it was time to market myself and sell my services.

...enter Universal Law, quantum leaps, trust, surrender, and the teachings of wealth consciousness...

I made a terrifying decision last spring to invest in a higher level than I had ever even thought possible in a coach who I felt could help me.  I went from earning an average of $1500 a month in my coaching business, to $30,000 in 90 days, JUST by applying what I was learning, and by committing to the process 1000%.  And six months after that? My practice was booked solid with clients who I could not WAIT to serve every day.  Everything I had desired, became my life, and all it took was a commitment to take a leap, and give it all that I had.  

And now I aspire to help YOU do the same.  Was it easy?  Hell no!  What is it simple?  Actually, YES.

By applying Universal Law to my life and my business, I was able to create MASSIVE quantum leaps in my results and it took no more effort than it had been taking me to do it the old way.

Success doesn’t have to come hard. It can actually be quite simple, and come rather quickly.

I quickly began growing a following. I raised my prices and heard MORE yes's at a price that I felt truly reflected the value of my program.  I traveled all over the country to meet with my clients to help them with their businesses.  I became the go-to coach for wealth consciousness in my community.  I filled my 1-1 practice and then created a new group program.  My man and I enjoyed more and more steak dinners out on the town.  I booked 160K for my total 2015 revenue, which was FIVE TIMES what I had ever made in a year, in any industry I worked.

but it wasn’t just that..

My joy increased.  My relationship with my partner got stronger.  My connection to spirit and source deepened.

I developed a zest for life.  An excitement around what was possible.  I expanded my dreams, my desires, and my goals for my life and business.  My heart expanded. My confidence increased.  I laughed more

And of course, I still fell down.  But this time, I had the tools and resources to get back up powerfully and to stay focused on my vision.

You see, my love, you can actually have everything that you desire in this lifetime. It is more possible than you can even understand. And it all starts with a powerful step.


Introducing....the Aligned Abundance Coaching Program


This four month Aligned Abundance Coaching Program is designed to support YOU in aligning your perspective and your habits of thought, with the tangible results you’d like to create in your business.  Action plans and strategies are great, but THIS program is gonna take you deep into the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are the actual reason you aren’t getting the results you crave.  Prepare to stretch. Prepare to stop focusing on what you’re DOING, and center into who you are BEING.

Of course, action is a necessary component to success, so besides your weekly coaching sessions, you also receive lifetime access to my Soulful Sales virtual course, which will teach you exactly how to shift your mindset around sales, while giving you practical support around how to book Discovery Calls and how to hold empowering sales conversations.  (This course was designed specifically for online coaches and consultants, however, anyone who has a service-based business can benefit from this course.)


What’s included in Aligned Abundance?

-Sixteen (60 minute) coaching sessions (to be used weekly)

-Access to me via email in between sessions for additional support

-Lifetime access to the Soulful Sales course modules and Facebook group



What are people saying about working with me?

When I sat down with Kelly I was feeling myself getting stuck in the same place and knew there was a limiting belief standing between me and my desire. My focus with Kelly was on my beliefs about money and even though I had done massive work in this area of my life, as my business has elevated, I was feeling resistance popping up in new ways. Kelly provided me a space to feel comfortable in instantly going deep and connecting with what was at the core of this belief. She has a gentle way of asking the right questions that allow you to shift your perspective around how you’ve been feeling and thinking about things. During our session I was able to tap into something I had felt was blocking me but didn’t know was actually there until Kelly pointed it out. Kelly’s energy is soft and compassionate but she has the ability to connect with you deeply and boldly show you where you’re holding yourself back. I had a major AHA and breakthrough in working with her and was able to leave our session with practical steps to take in adjusting my behavior and mindset to match my expansive desires! I am so appreciative of the space she provided me to see my thoughts so clearly. I can’t recommend her enough!
— Amy Fiedler, Spiritual Mentor + Relationship Coach,
In my coaching with Kelly, I have been powerfully held, deeply seen, pushed out of my comfort zone (lovingly —— but steadfastly), and challenged to, honestly, LEAP into my greatness as a coach myself. We all have these little invisible voices that say we shouldn’t or couldn’t or can’t, that get in our way of our biggest success —- and Kelly pinpoints, with laser accuracy, what these voices are, and then helps you simply take your control back from them. With SO much love. She’s incredible to watch build her empire, and even more incredible at helping other women build theirs.
— Heather Allison, Goddess Embodiment Coach
Kelly was just what I needed when I started my coaching business! From day one, she was right there with me, kicking it into high gear. She allows me to see the motivation behind what I’m doing so that I can connect with my work in a meaningful way. Kelly not only helps me prioritize my tasks, she shines a light on how I am thinking and being in my business and how that affects my wealth, my ability to secure clients, and my business image. I recommend working with Kelly if you are ready to deep dive and get serious results. It has been an honor to work with her and my outlook on what is possible for my life has shifted dramatically. Knowing that I have her by my side allows me to take the risks I only dreamed of otherwise. Truly a life changer.
— Kelly Curtis,


By the end of the program, you could* have:

  • An improved relationship with your money

  • More cash coming into your business

  • More clients and sales

  • A sense of increased confidence around your larger purpose and impact

  • A deepened connection to your higher self that allows you to live from even more authenticity

  • More joy

  • More ease

  • Improvements in relationships to loved ones


*Although it is not a guarantee that you will experience all, or any, of the above outcomes, my experience has been that the clients who commit themselves 100% and keep the faith when the process gets uncomfortable, have completely changed their lives through our work together.  Success begins with the acceptance that it is up to YOU.  I am a gentle, yet extremely direct coach, who will always stand for your possibility, shine a light in places you cannot see, and challenge your limiting beliefs regularly, but this program WILL NOT work for you if you are looking to a coach to be your magic fix.


So..what’s it gonna be?


Are you ready to take a bold step, and start earning more money and bringing in new clients and sales?