Are You Shying Away From Your True Desires?

Are you being real with yourself about what you truly want?

Are you allowing yourself to fully dream?

Even more importantly, are you giving yourself permission take the steps required to start bringing that dream into reality?

There's two really important things this post is about.

Here's the first.

A lot of you shy away from the things you REALLY want because you:

1) Don't believe you can have it
2) Think that the wanting of it makes you greedy, selfish, crazy, insert whatever other judgment you may have of yourself here
3) Think that you have to sacrifice in order to get it

Which brings me to my second point:
In order to create a life of your own design you have to:
A) Believe it's yours and it's already done
B) give yourself permission to have it and release the judgment or the caring about what anyone else thinks about you're going after it
And C) (and pay attention here) - YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE ACTION TO GET IT

I see some confusion amongst online entrepreneurs on the action piece a little bit.

Because truth be told, success is 90% mindset and it's absolutely IMPERATIVE that you get your thoughts lined up with the thing that you want and you get really clear that manifestation is not some woo woo thing you employ when you feel like you've run out of all other options.

You're manifesting all the time. Always have been. Always will.

So, yes, DONT STOP WORKING ON YOUR MINDSET. It IS your top priority!!

But here's the thing.

A lot of you are not taking any action in the name of "ease and flow" and then wondering why x, y, z hasn't happened yet.

Universal Law actually teaches us that action is required but so many of us (myself included) get sooo excited when we harness the power of manifestation and begin to use it consciously towards what we want, that we let resistance walk around clothed as "ease" and then wonder why we're not consistently creating results.

I'm all about ease and flow folks.

And I'm equally all about taking massive action.

So think about it.

What's your goal this month?
10K in your business?
500 new email subscribers?
A hot new boyfriend?
A new program launched and filled?

You're going to have take action.

And if you're reading this and you're thinking "But Kelly, I've been taking action and it's not working", then I invite you to consider that one of three things is happening:

1) Your thoughts are not lined up with your goal
2) you are taking action that someone told you should, when it actually doesn't feel aligned to you
3) you are taking action that keeps you safe, comfy and all warm and cozy in your comfort zone

Just something to think about.

Let's take the taboo out of masculine action and put it back in the game folks