I had a little bit of a hard time this morning getting into my morning journaling work and even into sitting down to write this blog.


The reason being, that I hadn’t done either since Thursday.  THURSDAY Y’ALL!


It’s Sunday.


Man, oh man, can I feel just even the two days that I fell off the wagon.


On Friday morning, my boyfriend went in for surgery at 6am (nothing crazy, just a knee repair), and we were on about three hours of sleep and then I got to talking in the waiting room where I was planning on doing my morning routine, and then got home at 11am and was so exhausted, I ended up sleeping pretty much for the entire rest of the day.


And then Saturday morning woke up and just didn’t feel like it.




So, obviously calling myself out here because I tell ALL my clients and ANYONE who has ever signed up for ANY of my courses knows how much of a slave driver I am about daily mindset work.  




But I’m calling myself out today to show you something interesting.


Because last week, I was experiencing some incredible results in my business, due to my ongoing CONSISTENCY.


Incredible community growth and engagement.

Even more emails in my inbox sharing the impact of my message.

Lots of polarization as well, which sucks, but is always evident of growth and alignment.


So isn’t it interesting that when we find ourselves expanding at a rapid rate, that we always find a way to slow it down?


It’s called self sabotage babyyyyy!!!!


Yup, that’s right.


Because the reality is this: I could have EASILY made time to stay on track with my mindset and messaging BOTH on Friday and Saturday.




But I chose not to.


Now I can sit here and blame it on waiting room conversation, or the fact that being back in the hospital for the first time since my mom passed really triggered my grief shit, or that I was tired, or that I just couldn’t seem to muster up the energy to do any of it.


But really?


That's a bunch of bullshit.


Because you always get to choose.


And you can always choose DESPITE your circumstances.


And when you find yourself going full throttle and seeing the manifestation of your efforts, your consistency, and your alignment, and then you see yourself pulling back, making up excuses, manifesting high levels of fatigue and sadness, DON’T YOU SEE?


Your survival mechanism is doing everything it can to keep you in safety.  In your comfort zone.


Small, where you belong, with the rest of the world.


Which is total BS, mind you.


You weren’t put here to play small, to give into “I don’t feel like it”, to let yourself get consumed with sometrhing, when there is purpose work to be done.


I’m not saying don’t rest, and burn yourself out, and don’t take some time to process your grief.


I AM saying that if that’s what you gotta do, then even more reason to prioritize what matters, and make sure you give that everything you’ve got AS WELL.


We had an interesting conversation about this in my Stop, Drop and Journal course where we talked about creating through chaos and how it is completely possible to continue to prioritize your soul work even when you are going through hell in your personal life, your house burnt down, you found out your partner cheated on you, you’ve got the flu, whatever.  


It’s not an either/or situation.


You get to rest and heal AND create and follow your passion.


All at the same time.


Mind blowing concept huh?


And actually, in you staying consistent with the stuff that REALLY matters, that stuff that feeds your heart and soul and makes you feel like time stands still and that THIS is what you were put here to do?


When you stay consistent with that NO MATTER WHAT is going on around you?

The stuff going on around you is MUCH easier to deal with.


Make sense?


Stay consistent.

Do you (purpose) work.

Keep showing up.

And when shit starts to blow up (in a good way), and the results you’ve been wanting for months and years start to show up and actually begin to (oh my god!) HAPPEN??




Keep going.

Keep being consistent.

Keep going.


Today is October 1st.  Make this the month that you stay consistent with what matters.  


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I help my clients get into massive alignment so they can ramp up their businesses from the core of what FEELS good, not what they think they SHOULD be doing and creating.  We focus on mindset first and foremost, and then put strategies in place that are unique to YOU.


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