I’m going to say this flat out because we actually don’t have any more time to beat around the bush.


The time is now.


For you to step up.

For you to share your message.

For you to inspire.

For you to create.

For you to lean in.

For you to impact.


I woke up this morning to the horrific news about what went down in Las Vegas last night and immediately felt like I was losing a battle.  Like we are.


Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am COMMITTED to continuing to focus on the light.




It is my FIRM belief, and truth, and knowing, and value system that fighting darkness with darkness, creates more darkness.


Fighting anger and hatred, with more anger and hatred, perpetuates the problem.


I’ve gotten massive pushback for this in the past year, being told I have “head in the sand”, and honestly?


You are allowed your opinion of course.


But I will ALWAYS live my life this way.

To do otherwise, would be to go against my belief system and my truth, and therefore, highly out of integrity for me.


This post isn’t about that, really, but I am bringing it up for this.


I know I am not alone in my stance.


I know that there are millions of other lightworkers, healers, leaders, creatives, artists, messengers, who are also committed to staying in love and light, NO MATTER WHAT.


But here’s where I am going with this, and please hear me.  You can’t afford not to hear this if you know that I am speaking directly to you.


I went for my run this morning, and found myself bawling.


At first, they were tears of sadness and grief.


I am a full on empath, and so when the world grieves, when communities grieve, I can feel it, deep in my heart.


I was imagining and wondering how many of the houses that I ran by, if there were people inside that house at that very moment, who were hearing the news of a loved one who was injured last night.


I was imagining and feeling the pain in their bodies as they took in the news.


And then I rounded a corner to pass this house that I always admire because of their super cute Austin-like, farm to table, HGTV-esque beautifully designed house and yard.


And I saw a young man, maybe late thirties, walking out to the sidewalk with something in his hand.


As I got closer, I saw that he had seeds in his hand.


And as he bent down to place them into the hole he had already dug, he looked up at me and he smiled.


My first thought was “he doesn’t know yet what happened last night”.


And the second thought that came over me was how much hope and love and light I saw in his eyes.


And the third thought was that he DID see the news, and that’s why he was outside planting seeds.


He was responding with love.


Now, I’m not sure what this guy’s deal was, whether he watched the news or not, or what inspired the seeds, and really it doesn’t matter.  What DOES matter is the thought process that his smile activated in me.


Which was this.




Don’t you see the reality of the world we live in right now?


We are at a crossroads.


2017 has been absolutely INSANE.  So many things have been happening, hurricanes, shootings, walls being built, crazy next level fucking insane shit.


We can’t ignore it obviously.


And at the same time, there is a large portion of the population who is waking up, who are stepping up, who are leaning even MORE heavily into love and light.


The human population is becoming completely polarized.


It’s heavy.

It’s painful.

It’s scary.


And it’s also necessary.


My 81 year old grandmother asked me yesterday if I was going to bring children into this world with all the craziness that was going on.


I was a little taken aback by this question.  And also completely understood why she was asking me that.


And the answer is OF COURSE I am going to being children into this world.  Because I fully believe that every child is a chance, every child is a seed.  Every child comes in in purity, in love, in grace.  And if you teach that child what she needs to know to move forward and have a huge impact on the world in a really big way (or even a small way!), that you have given a HUGE gift to humanity.


So back to the State Of The World We Live In.


Yes, it’s crazy.

Yes, it’s next level insanity.

Yes, people are losing it.

Yes, tensions are at an all time high.


So here is what I have to say about it.


I do NOT believe that the world is a bad place.

I do NOT believe the apocalypse is coming.

I do NOT believe that things are hopeless.


I believe that all of this is happening BECAUSE we are expanding into a next level of consciousness.  I believe the process has been, is and will be a long one.


I believe that it is not pretty, and that many lives will be lost.  And I in NO WAY am dismissing the immense grief, pain and sadness that takes place because of ALL OF THIS. Absolutely not.  No way.


I’m saying that I have faith.


Part of this, is because I am deeply immersed in a world where powerful, creative people are committed DAILY to changing the lives of those around them for helping them heal, showing them how to step into their greatness, how to unleash their art, how to share their message.


I SEE what is going on underneath all of this insanity and chaos.


And I believe in the power of this light.


But here’s the thing.


Lightworkers. Leaders. Coaches. Healers. Authors.  Speakers.


It has never been MORE DIRE for you to stand the fuck up and UNLEASH.


The world literally cannot afford anymore for you to play small.


For every one person owning their full power and stepping into their impact, their are 1000 people behind them who are afraid, who are playing small, and who are trying to hide from theirown power and light.




Yes, YOU.


I’m talking to you.


It no longer matters:

If you fail.

If people make fun of you,

If no one buys.

If your mom tells you to tone it down on Facebook.




It is your divine RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY on this planet, and it has never been more NEEDED than RIGHT NOW.


This is your time.

This is the time.


You are needed.


I want to get a commitment statement from every single person who reads this who is done playing small, and who knows that they have light to shine, and a message to share who is ABSOLUTELY 100% COMMITTED to living in that light and sharing it and stepping up, and KNOWING that their work is needed in the world.


I’m not just talking to those of you who are entrepreneurs and creatives playing at a high level.


I’m talking to ALL of you who are committed to leading from love and light.  It may be in motherhood.  It may be volunteering at the animal shelter and helping to save lives there. It may be through working with disabled children.


Whatever you do, however you do it, I need you to lean in and commit.


If you’re hiding, we need you to come out.

If you’re being shy, we need you to SPEAK.

If you’re not creating that art, or writing that book, or saying that THING, that you KNOW will have an impact, at this point?


You’re being selfish.




So I want to make this viral.  I want thousands of people COMMITTING to unleashing their light, their love, their message, their art, their impact, in the face of this massive upheaval we are experiencing.


In order to turn it all around.

In order to birth the next evolution.

In order to heal.


People are hurting.

Families are grieving.


There is no better time than now.


So if you are one of us who is 1000% committed to unleashing, to leaning into the impact you are here to make, and you can see the severity of it, and you can see how important it is that you do so, then I want you to comment below with your commitment statement.


And then I want you to actually step in and unleash.


The world needs us.


Commit to the impact you are here to make.


So I want you to do two things.


First, comment below with your commitment statement.  What do you now commit to unleashing in the world, in the face of all this chaos, and in order to bring more light into the darkness?


Secondly, share this post on your page with your community.  Let’s get as many people as possible feeling the depths of how crucial it is for them to step in and lead.  Each and everyone of us is important.  Every person creates a ripple effect.  Do not underestimate your own power.


Take care of your heart.  Take care of your soul.



And let it just fuel your purpose.

Let it inspire you to commit even more fully to your vision.


All my love,