Because I am feeling next levels of high vibe, y’all.

Let me break down some of the inner work I have been doing in the past week (but really the past months/years/decade that seems to all have been leading up to this moment)….so that you can take a look for yourself and pull out that which you actually may need to do for your OWN life and business, to quantum leap your results and step into the next level version of yourself.



I made a commitment to myself last week, that feels bigger than ALL the other commitments I have made to self, maybe ever, but specifically since the last Really Big commitment I made to myself back in 2015 that resulted in me having my first five figure month (30K actually)….

I realized that I was at a crossroads.

I could either continue to stay inside of my comfort zone and *pretend* that I wasn’t cut from the same cloth as all the high level entrepreneurs I follow and learn from.

Or, I could get over myself enough to OWN my power and step fully in and really, (like, REALLY) go for this thing.

It’s easy, as an entrepreneur to find a comfy nook, and hang out there for a bit, right?

You’ve got great clients.
You love what you do.
You wear your favorite sweatpants SO MUCH MORE than you got to when you worked a 9 to 5.
And yeah, you even make great money too.

You have the freedom to travel when and where you want.
You have a following.

Things are looking pretty peachy right?

Except, that you know deep down, that you want MORE and you want it NOW.

And regardless of whether or not you shame yourself from the desire to want more (which by the way, if you do, CUT THAT SHIT OUT, because it is HEALTHY to always be seeking more and expanding, and actually is natural law. The flower doesn’t say, oh you know what, we’ve grown too much, let’s actually halt here. We don’t want to get too pretty. The other flowers might get jealous…Anyways, I digress….)

So whether you make yourself feel like shit about it or not, you still want more.

You know you want to go bigger.

You love making your 5K, 10K, hell, 50K a month, but you know you want a multi million dollar empire.
You love what you are teaching and how you are showing up, but you know that you aren’t FULLY going all in, right?

You’re playing small.
Shying away.
Dimming your light.

And you can afford to!!

You’ve got it pretty good.

But listen, it’s almost more painful to be thisclose and not be FULLY going all in, than it is to be SO FAR AWAY and seeing that wide gap that you want to close.

You feeling me??

So, listen up.

I’m going to give you Manifestation 101 tip right here.

The quickest way to get to any result.
The most surefire way to transform anything, practically overnight.

Is this.

First of all, decide that you are going to.

Don’t just talk about it and hope for it and pray for it, and wrestle with God about it.

Just fucking decide.

And through your decision, know that it is done.

You don’t have to know how.
But you do have to commit.

Then, and ONLY then….

You ready?

You actually just start BEING that person with that result, NOW.

I KNOW how oversimplified and ridiculous this can sound, but you HAVE to believe me when I tell you, that THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE.

And it’s done quickly.

It’s collapsing parallel realities.

The version of you that has the kind of results you desire is already here.

And she’s available to you on a different vibrational plane.

So in order to connect with her, to melt into her, to merge with her, you’ve got to do the “work” of ALIGNING to her, NOW.


That’s ass backwards, and anyone who has ever intentionally created an extraordinary life, anyone who has consciously practiced this alchemy, this manifestation, will tell you that everything began to change when they STOPPED WAITING FOR THE OUTSIDE RESULTS TO GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO BE A CERTAIN WAY, and just began the work of BEING THAT PERSON, first.

I really need you to understand this.

Because what you have to offer the world?

It fucking matters.

But you need to wrap your head around this, in order to move forward and UNLEASH in the way you were truly meant to and STEP IN and STEP UP and take over the world with your amazingness.

So, right now. Choose.

Choose to be her now.

The time is now.

There is nothing more you need to do, or prove, or learn, to just flip the switch and be her now.

You’ve got this.


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