Before I get into the meat of this post, I want to let YOU know, that while this may sounds judgy and ranty, I’m saying this to myself as much as I’m saying it to YOU, because we all need a straight up shot of no-BS, non-sugar-coated TRUTH once in awhile, yeah?


Even if I wasn’t saying it to myself, too, I’d STILL be saying it to you, why?


Because I’m not afraid to say the thing that you ACTUALLY need to hear, that most people don’t want to say to you, because they don’t want to hurt your feelings and look “mean.”


Alrighty, so let the loving smackdown begin.


I see SO MANY PEOPLE who SAY they want this thing (the “thing” today being defined as a rock solid business that is impacting millions, making millions and allows them to live out their full truth and purpose).  There are a SHIT TON of us online, with this collective vision of building a personal brand and an empire.


And I would say, that of ALL these people, that really only about 5% of them are ACTUALLY doing the work.


Like, really doing it.


Which is fine.


Because really, most people are not going to make it in this industry anyways.


Not because they don’t have what it takes.


But because they aren’t willing to actually DO the work, and to keep their head in the game when the going gets rough (which it inevitably will, more times than one, over and over, at each new level).


Like I said, not for everyone.


I went down a rabbit hole on YouTube yesterday watching videos about Ayahuasca and watching people go through their deepest fears and losing their mind and going to proverbial hell and back, and it got me to thinking.


Most people are not willing to go through their darkest night, EVEN IF it means they are almost guaranteed to have a beautiful transformation and to release and heal shit that has been weighing them down for DECADES.


And most entrepreneurs are not willing to face THEIR deepest fears and demons and all the sludge and shit and full on MADNESS that inevitably comes with the journey.


Even if they were told - hey, 99% chance if you stick with it and continue to face your fears and do the work, you’ll get to have everything you want - still, they give up.


But actually, this post wasn’t even meant for THAT level of the conversation, it was actually just about you SAYING that you want one thing, and then showing through your actions, that you don’t.


I can’t tell you how completely shocked I am when I talk to someone who has been working on their business and they tell me they want it all and they want it all now but they’re stuck and nothing’s happening.  They tell me they are starting to question everything and are wondering if they should just go back to a “normal job.”


And so I ask - well, what’s your mindset practice look like?


I don’t have one.


How often are you showing up on social media and sharing your message?


Ummmm….maybe like once a week?


What free content are you putting out there?




What are you selling?




Then what the actual fuck are you DOING every single day??


I realize that some of the time this is legitimately because they have yet to find a mentor (whether someone they follow online or a paid mentorship) that teaches them all of this, but at the same time - really?  How could you have not already??


But usually, it just boils down to this.


They just aren’t doing the work.


Plain and simple.


Now I could get all victim-y about this and blame it on the teachings of Abraham and say (insert whiny voice here) - “Well, you know, there are just SO MANY coaches online that are leading people astray and telling you just to think yourself successful” - and on THAT, I call BULLSHIT.


Take responsiblility for your own life.


Take responsibility for your own path.


If nothing is happening for you in your business, that’s on YOU.


But that’s just how I feel about THAT ;)


Anyways, moving on.


When are you going to quite your complaining and actually do the work?


It’s not that hard, you know.


It’s way harder to sit around and feel stuck and miserable and like you don’t know if you can make it in the online world.


And if you don’t know what the work “is”, start following people (hey!  I’m right here!) and listening to people who are giving you content for FREE and telling you how to do it.  Right??


Again, It comes back down to that responsibility piece.


I was raised in a household, where we worked our asses off.  My parents worked really hard (multiple jobs for each), just to put food on the table.


Did I pick up some limiting beliefs from my childhood around money?  HELLS YES.  Main culprit being “You can’t make money unless you’re working really hard.”


But you know what I did learn from that that I will take with me to my grave?


If you want something.  If you TRULY want it, it’s up to YOU to go get it.  If you really want something, you have everything you need to go make it happen.  Even if it seems impossible.  Even if circumstances don’t seem to be lining up for you like they do for Sally Sue.  It doesn’t matter.  No excuses.  You’ve got to make it your mission to go get that shit.”


It doesn’t mean you have to work yourself to the bone.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t receive with ease.


But it DOES Mean that you MUST take full ownership of your desires and take full responsibility for your part in the process.




The inner and the outer.


You’re doing all the work and you’re still hit with a blind spot and you aren’t sure what’s up and how to break free of it.


I TOTALLY get that.  I can help you with that.  I LOVE helping people with that.


But you want to sit around all day and make excuses about everything, and blame it on everyone and everything else EXCEPT for your own lack of commitment and willingness to do what it takes.


And listen, if you know this is you, it doesn’t make you “bad” or “not cut out for it”, but you DO have a choice right here, right now, whether you want to take responsibility for that shit and turn it around, or continue to show up in this way, and pretty much ensure NOT creating a life and business of your own design.




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Stop sitting around.


Your time is now.