Do you find yourself waiting for some magical thunderbolt to drop out of the sky and deem you worthy enough, qualified enough, badass enough, pretty enough, smart enough, experienced enough, etc?

I find myself doing this often.

Waiting for some outside thing to click into place, and give me the green light that - ahhh, NOW I’m ready.

Now, it’s okay to shine my light really bright.
Now, it’s okay to fully own this thing.
Now, it’s okay to be successful.


The problem in this is that if you are always looking outside of yourself for permission, then you will never actually get there, and you will have frittered your life away waiting for said magical thunderbolt, and you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass (if your 90 year old hip allows), for not just being the one to choose it and give yourself permission a long ass time ago.

I just wrote this in my journal just now:

There is nothing more to prove.
There is nothing more to do.
There is nothing more to learn.

The time is now.
You are ready.

What you are looking for, has been within you this entire time.

You see, these giant shifts and magical (and sometimes seemingly overnight) transformtions, don’t come from this “come to Jesus” type of epiphany.

Angels don’t sing.
There isn’t this sudden technicolor landscape.

Real, sustainable, deep, cellular transformation is caused by a buildup of many moments.

Moments of choice.

Moments of intentional choice.

Tiny moments.

Not just the big ones.

But the small ones.

One of my newest clients was just sharing with me how she has been catching herself in moments like these - with a particular thought process or something she catches herself saying out of habit, and how much of a game changer it has been for her to catch it and shift it in the moment.

It may SOUND like a lot of work, but the reality is that if you can commit to the daily choosing, in each moment, of who you need to be, who you WANT to be, who you CHOOSE TO BE?

Well, it shifts pretty quickly after that, now, hey?

Just check in. Notice who you are choosing to be in each moment. And if you don’t like it?

Don’t waste the time getting all boo-hoo-ey about it…Just. Choose. Different.

You’ve got this.


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