There’s been a lot coming up for me lately around people pleasing and codependency.

Like, A LOT.

I’m realizing more and more, as I step deeper and deeper into radical personal responsibility for my life, my choices, my beliefs, my thoughts, my actions, my PERCEPTION, and my leadership, that doing so?

Is not the status quo.

Most people are afraid to fully own and claim their desires, because they are afraid of making other people comfortable, or hurting another’s feelings.

They are afraid that them shining their light, takes away from others.


Most people are afraid to be “selfish”, because they’ve been taught by society to put other’s needs first, and that “being nice” is the top priority.

Which leads, in my opinion, to a whole lot of people walking around, not giving their souls what they truly need to live an expansive, creative, ABUNDANT life, because they have it, that THAT isn’t a priority, but what is?

Is taking care of everybody else.

Which, ultimately, when you take care of somebody else, you are actually subliminally teaching them, that they can’t take care of themselves.

Do you see this weird cycle that society is in??

So I see lots of people (like myself), stepping up and taking RADICAL PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY while also not giving a fuck about how other people perceive that..

And it’s disruptive.
It ruffles feathers.
It is so AGAINST everything that MOST of us learned growing up.

And, in my opinion, it is the most empowering way that one can lead.

This is why I don’t coddle and do hand holding with my clients.

The most empowering thing I can do for my clients, is to allow them the space, and to SHOW them, that THEY have the power, that THEY are the ones they have been looking for, and that the answers lie inside of THEM (not outside).

Yes, I am gentle and sweet. But I am ALWAYS going to put responsibility first. Personal responsibility. And guide them to do the same.

When you are taking 1000% personal responsibility for your own life, there is nothing that can stop you.

Because you are rooted and grounded into the knowledge and truth, that when you take personal responsibility for everything and anything that happens in your life (mind you - not taking BLAME, but responsibility - two different things)…then you are literally able to create anything you desire.

This is why I have stopped “standing for people” when we are in conversation about working with me in one of my programs.

If you’re not ready, you’re not ready.

And me convincing you of all the reasons why you CAN be ready, and wanting it more than you do, doesn’t do either of us any good.

Because you won’t do the work. And won’t get results.
And I will be frustrated and feel drained from coaching you.

You cannot take personal responsibility for another’s path and process.
Only your own.

You CAN hold space for the people who are ready to rise up.

And how do you “get them” to rise up?

You just continue taking personal responsibility for your own life and shine your light so freaking bright, so they can see what’s possible.

So yes, making a shit ton of money, and living a freedom-based lifestyle, and buying designer handbags, and having these “radical” beliefs about manifestation and wealth, can absolutely (and do!) trigger a LOT of the people around you on a day to day basis.

But who the fuck cares?

If you are taking personal responsibility for your life, shining your light bright for those who are ready to be in it, and changing the world with your amazing gifts…..

The rest?

It doesn’t matter.

Be willing to not be liked.
Be willing to step outside the norm.
Be willing to stand for something that some people might not understand yet.

Be a pioneer.
Be on the leading edge.
The world will only transform, if those of us who are courageous enough to step into higher frequencies and levels of consciousness…

Are willing to do what it takes.

And more importantly…are willing to BE what it takes.