Your Current Financial Reality is Simply a Reflection of Your Inner Most Beliefs

If anyone gets money issues, it’s me.


I won’t waste your time (and lower your vibe) by rattling off all the evidence I have for you about how it was hard, in what ways, and what shitty circumstances were in my life around money.  Most of you have heard that story one too many times at this point.


Pretty much, my relationship with money was as DEPLORABLE as could possibly be.  


Which now serves me (and the clients I work with) in a really BIG way and here’s why:


-I managed to completely overthrow my financial reality by shifting the way I thought about money and what I really believed to be true about money, and myself, my self worth, etc.  Which means, if I did it, you can too.


-I learned that if I continued to blame my circumstances, and not take responsibility for my financial health, that I would continue to struggle.  So I made a commitment to clean it up.  It’s still a process.  I make WAY more money now than I ever thought I even could, and there is STILL so many levels to expand into and I still have my money shit come up regularly, it’s just that now I know how to work through it.  If I did it, you can too.


-The coolest thing about it is that i literally have ZERO tolerance for people’s stories about why they think they “CAN’T” do something.  Obviously, I practice a high level of compassion (part of what is required to be a coach).  I can feel your pain, and hold the space for you to feel really effing frustrated, and yet at the same time, call you on your shit.


Because, it really is just a bunch of bullshit.


Even if:

You came from poverty.

You are “stuck” in a low paying job.

Your financial resources come from another.

And whatever other situation you see as keeping you “stuck”.


Yes, because of these circumstances, it IS harder for some people to rise above it then others.  Ain’t that the truth!


But it doesn’t mean they CANNOT.


I will NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE, EVER EVER stop believing that ANYONE can have, do and be ANYTHING and ANYONE they desire.


Of COURSE it is going to require some super heavy lifting on your part.


If it was easy, you would have done it already, yeh?


But here’s the thing - you can sit around and mope and whine and cry all day long about how much money sucks and how you can’t seem to get ahead and all of that blah blah blah, that I get it, it feels really real, but is it REALLY helping you to keep talking about how shitty it is?


What about making the choice to change it?


Even if you don’t know how.


But deciding here on out that you are DONE with this bullshit, because you are BETTER than struggle, and you DESERVE to have everything, yes I said, EVERYTHING, that your pretty little heart desires, and wanting things, financial things, material things, or jeez, just to be able to buy organic apples for crying out loud, does NOT make you selfish, greedy, or arrogant.


Lordy, lord.


How many of you aren’t truly going after your desires because you don’t want to be “that” person (whatever that means).


You don’t want to piss anyone off, or appear to actually be putting yourself first (God forbid), so instead, you’d rather choose to continue living in a constant state of panic and anxiety because you can’t pay your bills??




The reason I can rant so freely about money and be so freaking blunt about it is because I WAS THAT GIRL.




I remember when I was a student at the University of California, and I went to this random talk that was being given  because my primate class (I was an anthropology major at one point) was canceled last minute.


There was a guy from an African country (I can’t remember his name or the country), but he was speaking to the audience about his escape from an AWFUL political situation that had his entire family killed right before his eyes.


Him and his little brother managed to escape and were on their own in the freaking jungle somewhere for SIX MONTHS.


I don’t know how, but they managed to somehow get on a boat and get their asses over to NYC and start a life.


This man came from the most terrible situation, managed to escape and make it to the US, where he began learning English, got a $6/hr job, saved up enough money to go to community college, started speaking and writing about his story, which led him to a scholarship of sorts to go to a university, and now is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and travels the world telling his story, and making a very hefty living doing do to boot.


Not once, did I hear this man even RELATE to the concept of defeat or limitation.  It wasn’t even in his scope.  It was not an option.


I remember sitting in that audience feeling like such a piece of shit because I was having a hard time making my car payment that month and was really doing nothing about it except complaining about it to my friends and hoping my mom would lend me the $300 bucks.


This guy had some serious cajones.


And I was inspired.


It’s not a question of whether or not you can, or can’t.


All of us, no matter WHAT our current circumstances, have the ability to change our realities.


That’s the TRUTH y’all.


So the question really becomes this:

Are you willing to do the inner and outer work required to do so?


That’s the true question.


You can literally have ANYTHING you want, and don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.  And if they try to, use it as FUEL to prove them wrong.

Because with that ATTITUDE, that FAITH, and that COMMITMENT, you become unstoppable.  And even if you have to do the work, and be patient, and go WAY outside your comfort zone to actually CHANGE that reality, it’s already a done deal, because you’ve chosen it to be.