I see you out there, struggling with your success.


Doing everything in your power to deny it, dim it, shut it down, deflect it, neglect it, avoid it, refute it, resist it, push it away, and pretty much just COMMIT to the belief that it’s not for you.


Think about it.


How many times a day do you hear that voice in your head telling you - WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???


Trying to convince you that you DO NOT, in fact, have what it takes -

What makes YOU so special -

Who the hell is going to pay for your expertise -

Maybe you should just go back to waiting tables after all -

You’re fooling yourself if you think this is going to work out -

And all the other hateful things your mind likes to beat you up with every single day.


It’s not just you, my love.


We ALL have this.


It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, how much money you make, whether you live in a mansion or a cardboard box, whether you grew up in poverty or crazy rich, whether you’re 19 years old or 85.


The inner critic is real yo.


But here’s the thing (and the reason why so few people actually create the life of their dreams)-


MOST people let the inner critic win.


They allow themselves to be defined by their fear because, well, HEY, isn’t it EASIER to just succumb to fear and doubt?  (The answer is no, it is not.)


They give into that little nagging voice that is constantly telling them they don’t have what it takes.


Listening to that voice, and agonizing over what it claims to be true, and complaining about it and convincing others that it’s true for you, and complaining with your friends over Sauvignon Blanc becomes a full time job in and of itself, yeh?


The reality is that you could actually CLAIM and STEP INTO success.  


You’ve got to stop fighting with your success.


You’ve got to relax and let the water float you to the top.


Stop spending all of your time REFUTING your success.


Imagine what could transform for you if you spent ALL that time thinking about how INEVITABLE it is for you to create the results you desire, and how CAPABLE you are of creating it and really committed your thoughts to THAT.


Besides actually creating the results you want, other side effects of gearing your thoughts, beliefs, and language towards this, other side effects would include:

-Actions that ACTUALLY bring you what you want

-More energy

-An increased sense of well-being

-More meaningful relationships and increased connection with others

-More money

-More time

-More love

-Better health

-And whatever else you really dream of doing, being and having.


Plus the fact - trust me, you are a LOT more fun to be around when you are believing in yourself and speaking and living INTO your results, rather than carrying lack, limitation, and the past along with you like a dirty backpack.


Expect to be receiving a lot more social invitations.


Now I can hear you asking the million dollar question now:

“But Kelly, HOW?  How does one believe in themself when they just DON’T?”

“How do I gain the confidence to do this.”


Here’s the thing that maybe no one is telling you that is super fucking important for you to hear.


It can save you LOADS of time, money, and anguish.


You ready for it?




Sorry to disappoint you.


There is not a single coach, program, movie, book, quote, experience, country traveled to, relationship, workout method, juice cleanse, etc, etc, that is going to give you “THE ANSWER”


That silly magic pill that doesn’t exist that y’all just keep searching for, day in and day out, when what you could ACTUALLY be doing, and ironically, what would give you what you wanted the entire time, is this:


You actually just have to choose.


Confidence is a CHOICE.

Success is a CHOICE.

Believing in yourself is a CHOICE.


That’s it.


It’s kind of like the big cosmic joke of the personal development world.


How much more money are you going to dump into coaching programs that YOU think are going to hand deliver you “the answer” on a silver fucking platter, all the while, denying the fact (and the responsibility) that YOU actually just need to CHOOSE and that THAT is going to be the thing that changes everything.


Make the choice.

Do it daily.


You can choose it in your thoughts.

You can choose it in your daily journaling.

You can choose it in your conversations with others.

You can choose it with what you decide to say yes to.

You can choose it all day, every day, and in fact, you MUST choose it all day every day, if you wish to create a life that is a reflection of your deepest dreams and desires.


There’s no getting around this one, folks, and the irony is that it is really, fundamentally, at the core, SO MUCH EASIER to just MAKE THE FUCKING CHOICE then it is to keep searching outside of yourself for a quick fix, and making it this lifelong struggle.


The reason you are fighting off your success is because you aren’t CHOOSING it.

You are actively choosing something else.


We can get into all the reasons WHY you may be fighting off your success (it’s lonely at the top you say? - total BS by the way)...But that wouldn’t really be of service to you, now, would it?


Why not just stop it.  Stop it now.


You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to be rich.

You deserve to live a life on your own terms.

You deserve to have (to create!) everything you’ve ever wanted.


Begin today by choosing to stop fighting it off and to start TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your dreams.  They are YOURS.  And you have everything you need INSIDE OF YOU to start fleshing them out.


What do you need to see this through?


Share in the comments what came up for you from this post, and what YOU are choosing moving forward!  Also, share this post with people you know need to hear this message today too!