The True Pathway to Success



I want to start off today’s blog by asking you this -


If you take a look at your life, day in and day out, what are you saying yes to?


Now, I don’t mean verbally necessarily, but you could certainly take a look at that too.


I’m talking about how you’re spending your time, who you’re spending it with, and what thoughts and beliefs you are practicing day in and day out.


I woke up at 5:45am this morning to meet with my new Crossfit trainer after one of “those” nights of binge watching Breaking Bad until the wee hours of the morning.  Like, could. not. turn. it. off.  One of THOSE nights.  Needless to say when the alarm went off, I felt like death.  But of course, I got up and went and felt amazing once I got there.


When I got home, I went for a run (which was fabulous because today is one of those rare days in Austin where the sky is a beautiful blue but it’s “cold” - 68 degrees to be exact!), so it felt so amazing and refreshing to be outside soaking it all in.


I was thinking about how much my resistance does NOT come up anymore around fitness.  I used to hem and haw and make up all these stories in my head about why I shouldn’t workout that day, and would drive myself crazy with my bullshit excuses.


And now, it’s just....EASY.


It doesn’t matter to me that I stayed up way too late.  It doesn’t matter to me if it’s too cold.  Or too hot.  Or too windy.  Or raining.  


It doesn’t matter to me at all.


And I realized this morning that this is a huge deal to me actually because I battled that resistance for SO LONG and now it’s just...GONE.


So I started thinking about why that is, and IMMEDIATELY the answer came to me.


There was a point, not too long ago, where I was tired of being on a fitness roller coaster.  I would work out every day for a month, and then take two weeks off, and it always felt like this stop-start situation, and I was always needing to revisit Miss Resistance every time I decided to get back in the saddle (but actually every time I would commit to a workout).


So one day I decided that fitness would be a non-negotiable for me.

That being consistent with it was something that I DESIRED.

And that I was choosing to say YES to it, so consistently, and with so much commitment, that pretty soon it would become automatic.


And that’s exactly what happened.


I don’t even think about it anymore.  I have my workouts planned in a calendar and I know which days I do what, and when the time comes, it’s as automatic now as making coffee.


Zero resistance.


So around mile two this morning, after playing around with those thoughts for awhile, I then realized this:


That I need to:

  1. Apply this same concept of non-negotiability (is that a word?)...and

  2. Write a post about it to help YOU begin to choose what you are actually saying yes to


Ok so here’s some vulnerable shit:

I have set the goal to expand my income in a really big way.

I’ve set higher financial goals than I ever have before.

I know it’s possible to reach them and I can even see HOW I would reach them, through my current offerings alone.

And it’s SCARY AF.


So I started thinking about this and how I’ve set the same financial goals for the past three months and not come anywhere NEAR them, which is FINE and certainly not something I am going to beat myself up for, but there is obviously something there to look at right?


So I started thinking about how I would coach a client around this and I checked in with my mindset work and was like hells yes, I am so on point with this, and it’s obviously a process, but I am consciously choosing my thoughts and my language daily, doing my mindset work daily, my journaling, my energetic work, etc.


And then I took a look at my actions.


(This is where a lot of people get stuck so listen up).




You HAVE to take the actions that are actually going to create what you want and not just once, or when it feels right, or when Mercury is direct, or when you’re high vibing, but ALWAYS.




Make it a non-negotiable.


You see, the reality is this.  I want to triple my monthly income.  But if I get REALLY honest with myself, I’m shying away from the consistent action that is REQUIRED to move to that level.


I’ve got programs to sell!  I’ve got a high ticket coaching program to fill!  And regardless of what I want to say about how I show up and sell online everyday, the reality is that I DON’T!  Not consistently, anyways.


The three things you need to be doing to make buttloads of money in your online business are these:

  1. Do your mindset work DAILY like your life depends on it and have this be the foundational piece of ANYTHING else you do

  2. Provide HIGH QUALITY VALUE via content to your community DAILY

  3. Boldly offer what you’ve got to sell and talk about it EVERYWHERE...DAILY


I must say that I pretty dialed in with those three things.  If I wasn’t, I would be out of integrity as a coach, considering this is exactly what I help my clients with.


However, in order for me to go to the next level, I have to make these things an ABSOLUTE NON-NEGOTIABLE.


Take a goal that you have right now, whether it’s to make 20K a month in your online business, or to lose 50 pounds before that beach vacay to Mexico in September.


Whatever it is - what are the non-negotiable actions that you KNOW you need to take, consistently, in order to create that result?  


What do you need to say YES to, daily, consistently, on repeat, over and over, until you forget that you even need to choose it, because it’s as habitual as breathing?




So many of you (and myself included) are wasting SO MUCH TIME doing shit that we think we need to do, or have to do, or feel obligated to do, that doesn’t move the needle whatsoever, and then we wonder why the money isn’t here and the weight isn’t gone.


It’s most likely that you’re either not working on your mindset, and/or you haven’t gotten clear about the daily actions you are going to need to take and then made them a non-negotiable.


You’ve got to show up daily for your life.

For yourself.

For your dreams.

For your desires.


You’ve got to get really clear on what you’re willing to say YES to.

And then you’ve got to just go for it.


Yes, it most likely will be hard or scary or totally uncomfortable in the beginning.


But do you really want to let that stop you?


If you committed to ONLY doing the things that would move you closer to your goals, ie the things that you DREAM of having, not only would have them, but you’d most likely have a lot more free time as well.


It’s time to take a look.


What are you saying yes to?


Start saying YES to the inner and outer work required to create a life and a business on your own terms.

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