Here's Why You're Not Making Any Money In Your Business

Hey you, out there, desperately searching for answers, for magic pills, for solutions, for the golden ticket of how to crack the code in the online business world.


I see you.  I hear you.




You’re overwhelmed.


You’re driving yourself bat shit crazy trying to figure it all out.


You may have been at it for years.


Your family is starting to think you’re crazy for still refusing to go back to that safe, corporate job you had before you decided to follow your heart.


Yet, following your heart has left you wondering - was it really worth it?


Maybe you’ve even had great financial success in your business, but you still find yourself in feast or famine mode, every month.  You’re either having a five figure month and dining at the top restaurants, or you’re struggling to figure out how to pay rent.


I see you.  I hear you.


I WAS you.


Now, I’ll be real with you that I am NO WHERE CLOSE to where I want to be financially.  If we’re truly reaching for the stars, then we never get “there”.  There is no “there” really...But I digress…


Anyways, I was saying.


I WAS you.


Hearing crickets, panicking about money, wondering if I should throw in the towel, fuming with jealousy at all the posts of “I just made $100,000 in 30 days”, bad-mouthing said posts to make myself feel better about my own state, blaming my results on my coach, my lack of startup dough, my allergies, the season, my to do list, my VA, anybody that I could blame it on without having to actually take any fucking responsibility.


I would cry myself to sleep every night.


And wake up in sheer panic the next morning about whatever bills were due that day that I had absolutely no money to pay.


Pouring that glass of rose a little early (it’s okay to drink wine at 3pm on a Monday - right? - whatever, no judgment)...because I had just held seven discovery calls in a row that all resulted in a no.


The painful thing was that I have always KNOWN that I am a really great coach.


I’ve never doubted my ability to help people transform their lives.


But, I was doubting my ability to truly make it as an entrepreneur.


Doubting the industry.

Doubting the people in it.

Doubting the willingness of society as a whole to STEP THE FUCK UP AND TAKE ON THE CHALLENGE---


....of going after their dreams

....of stepping outside their comfort zones

....of having this crazy idea (like I did) that they could actually be, do and have whatever their heart desired


And the whole time, I was looking outside for the answers.

-In a coach

-In a program

-In a strategy

-In a brand new webinar that would show me “THE EXACT STRATEGY TO ADD 1000 EMAILS TO MY LIST IN 24 HOURS”


Holy crap, NO WONDER I wasn’t creating the results that I wanted to!!!


The most dangerous misconception floating around the personal development world is that ONE coach, ONE program, ONE strategy is THE answer to all of your problems and that if you DON’T BUY NOW, you’re fucked (essentially).


We are literally training people to look outside of themselves for the answers.


Is it intentional?  No, I don’t think so.


But anyone who has truly “made it”, and by that, I mean, set an intention for what they wished to create, and then set out to create it, and created it (my personal definition of success), will tell you that their breakthrough moment didn’t come from any of those things essentially.


It came for them when they stopped looking outside.  Stopped looking for some magic solution.  Stopped putting it on someone else, something else, ANYTHING else, except...themselves.


When they stopped looking outside of themselves for the “secret sauce” and realized (almost with absolute shock) that literally, ALL they had to do to create what they wanted, really, was to fucking BE IT.


They had to take responsibility for the truth that they were one magnificent, powerful being that was literally creating their own reality at each moment, and that they had a choice to stop looking for the “thing”, for the “fix”, and to simply just stop looking at themselves as broken.


To realize that they already were the badass they wanted to be, but they had refused to fully tap into that, to fully own it, because they thought there was more to DO to get there.


It’s the big cosmic joke to success.


In 2015, I made a decision to go all in and it literally took my income from around $1500/month to an explosive 30K month in just three months.


I didn’t change up my strategy.

I didn’t take on anything outside of myself to help.


To be clear, I DID hire a coach who I believe helped me create that result.


But here’s the thing.  She actually REFUSED to give me “an answer” to the question HOW.

She REQUIRED of me that I pull my own answers out from within.

She taught me that the only magic pill that truly existed was the one inside of myself that I could only conjure up by fucking OWNING IT and going all in.


So I went all in, and I made a shit ton of money.  I became a well-known coach in my niche.  I built a following.  I launched, and sold out programs.


And now I help other online badasses do the same.