Let's talk about this so important part of manifestation that so many of you are missing, simply for the mere reason that you just REALLY FUCKING WANT THE THING.

It can feel really difficult to want the thing so badly, and yet release your attachment to the outcome. It involves a feeling of "risk". It requires you to trust. To LET GO.

You may be in a place right now where you are about to give up. You've wanted the thing for so freaking long and you've done it all to manifest it.

You've read all the books, you've taken all the courses, you've done ALL THE THINGS.

Let's face it.

You're fucking done.

You're over it.

You're ready to plunge face first into a giant bag of Ruffles and a six pack of tall boy Coors Lights, because oh we pretend to be all classy with the wine, but let's be real: when the shit hits the fan, you're embracing your inner redneck, right?

Ok, so that last paragraph may or may not have been from my own personal experience (from maybe, say, two days ago), but here's the thing.

This is what you're missing.

There's going to come a point when you are going to have to let the fuck go.

No, letting go of your focus DOES NOT mean you aren't consciously creating.

You've been told to stay focused on your desires, so of course, why would you want to look away?


You can't focus on something wishing and praying and doubting and STARING at it with this desperate, stressful energy and expect it to come to you!


You have to get into motherfucking ALIGNMENT with the ENERGY of HAVING it already!!!!!

Which is this.

For YEARS, I could NOT find the love I desired. I begged, I pleaded, I prayed to the Universe FOR YEARS. I did ALL the things. Read ALL the books. Went to ALL the workshops. I refreshed my dating apps, wore clothes I thought looked sexy, brushed up on whatever topic I knew my date would be interested in.

I worked on my self love. I worked out. I tapped into my spirituality more.

But check it out.

I was doing all of those things IN ORDER TO get a certain result.

True manifestation is when you get into ALIGNMENT with the thing you want, which means, getting comfortable with the feeling of having it already, expecting it to come, and then letting go and releasing it.

And then getting back to focusing on LIVING your fun and beautiful and miraculous life.

Give the Universe a chance to deliver, would ya?!?!?!

And if you're standing at the edge of the cliff peering over into the gaping hole of hell that you think you might just fling yourself into if THE THING DOESN'T COME GODDAMMIT!!!

Darling, step back. Breathe. Relax.


You are going to have to release your death grip on your desires in order to receive them.

Think I'm full of fluff?

I dare you to try it.

I mean, really, if you're at that point, what's your alternative anyways?

The Universe is attempting to arm wrestle you into submission and if you're going to get the thing you say you want, you're going to have to release, surrender, and let the Universe fucking win.



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