Coaches, Listen Up! Important PSA!

You have a responsibility.

You have a duty actually.

To rise the FUCK up.


If you chose this path as your career, then please continue to read and allow yourself to renew your commitment.

(I feel called to add that this post wasn't inspired by me seeing someone doing otherwise, but just based on an internal dialogue I had with myself about how I can become a better coach) 😉

This is what you committed to doing when you decided to become a coach.

You are responsible for relating to your client as capable of creating a life beyond their wildest dreams. If you don't believe in them, DO NOT TAKE THEM ON.

You are responsible for calling your client out on their bullshit. Because their bullshit is what is holding them back and that's why they hired you. Stop being scared of pissing off your client and DELIVER THE SERVICE THEY PAID FOR.

Be willing to say the thing no one else dares say. Over and over and over and over. People will hate you. They will trash you online. This is what happens when you step up and speak your truth. Change requires upheaval in one way or another. Stop putting your need to be liked as a higher priority than sharing your truth and the message that you KNOW you were put here to share.

Stop buying into people's bullshit stories about why they can't do this or that. They are bullshit. Anyone can do anything, no matter what their circumstances, the ability to do so is not the important piece, but rather their WILLINGNESS to do what it takes. Period. They are never going to be able to expand into the results they want if they are being coached by someone who buys their "I don't have enough time, money, people on my list, etc".


Stop working with people who aren't aligned with you. It's a disservice to them and to yourself. Your priority needs to be ALIGNMENT over PROFIT in order to actually hit the expansive income goals you desire.

You have a responsibility to EMPOWER your client. Which means honoring their intuition, trusting them to know what's right for them, and teaching them to tap into that trust. Becoming a crutch or labeling their intuition as resistance (when it's clearly not--I know this can be a fine line), or flat out telling them what to do, is NOT going to help the client expand into the next level version of themselves. Help them pull out their own genius.

I'm all about being in process and honestly don't have a problem with a money coach who is in money breakdown. Is she doing the work to have a breakthrough? Yes? Cool, than she's in integrity! If you ask your people to work on their mindset, but you are refusing to do so, than Houston, we have a problem.

PS: now take everything I wrote about who you need to be for your client and notice that this is also who you need to be for YOURSELF.

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