Oh my word.

What a swirl...an unraveling, an explosion of truth, of alignment, of letting go, of stepping in, of surrendering, of honoring, of being really honest.

Your heart knows what you know to be true.

How much longer are you going to deny it?

How much longer are you going to REFUSE to listen to that voice that is shouting (so quietly sometimes, it seems)...that...



It's ok to let go.
It's okay to walk away.

Over and over again.

Year after year.

Changes after more changes.

Alignment doesn't come from making a decision at one evolution of self and requiring yourself to stay committed to that decision LONG AFTER YOU'VE EVOLVED WAY PAST IT...

Because you said you would?

That's crap.

I tried so hard for so long to be a "woman of my word".

I would push through shit that felt SO WRONG, because I said I would..and the worst thing that could EVER happen, is that someone think I'm irresponsible or..(gasp!)...FLAKY.

This past week I decided to close down a membership program that I had really big dreams for.

I was desperately searching for some Really Good Reason as to why to do so.

I couldn't find one.

I love the members.
I love the content.
It's fun to run.
It's easy.
It flowed.

But I couldn't ignore this nagging feeling.

I felt like I had a million times before.

Like, yes, this is fun, and it works and people like it and it's easy and I'm good at it...


And when I got SUPER honest with myself later on the week after announcing the closure to the girls, I also came to terms with the other nagging feeling that pretty much my entire business was feeling that way and had been for awhile.

It sounds contradictory because I had already committed earlier this year to no longer doing things that weren't aligned.

So for the most part, I let go of a LOT of shit, and created new offerings that felt like a HELLS YES.

But they were all built on a foundation of MEHHH..MAYBE..SURE...WHY NOT?!



I watched one of my brilliant badass mastermind sisters (Terra Rose Ganem- not in this group, but check her out- total effing badass)...walk away from shit she had been building for YEARS, simply because it didn't feed her soul COMPLETELY.

I'm realizing that you CAN have it all. You can HAVE a hells yes life.

The price?

Be willing to walk away from EVERYTHING that isn't 100% YESSSSSSS!!!!!

So I decided.

I'm starting a new business.

I'm tearing down the walls.

I'm starting afresh.

I'm changing things up a bit.

I am no longer giving one iota of a single FUCK about anything other than - does this feel like a 1000% hells yes deep in the heart of my bones?

I have no idea what this means yet.

I doubt you will really even notice except you will most likely either want to run as far away from me as you can (as my message becomes more bold), or you will be perked up to full attention and in awe and wonder at what I'm creating.

Because...this girl ain't fucking around.

I just messaged a coach that I've been dreaming of working with for what feels like forever and never felt like I was "there enough" to be one of her high level clients.

I told her I wanted in.

I'm taking down everything.

I'm going back to hitting the Crossfit gym again, with commitment.

I'm writing my freaking book(s) already.

I'm creating a MEGA HIGH LEVEL coaching package that allows me to FULLY UTILIZE my gifts as a mindset coach because I am finally admitting to myself that that IS in fact, my zone of genius.

I'm raising my rates.

I'm flying first class.

And I'm doing the freaking work, day in, day out.

I'm going all in baby.

I have no idea what's about to happen, but I can't wait to lean in, trust the Universe, and let the message and the magic come out.

May this be a message to you:
This is YOUR life. You get to choose every part of it. You get to be picky. You get to say no. You get to call the shots. And you get to be REALLY HONEST with yourself abou let what lights you up.

And then you get to live into that.


Not someday when you feel ready.

Not someday when the kids are in college.

Not when you're skinnier, richer, more funny, not anxious at cocktail parties.


Whose with me? Do you want to live this way too? Are you ready to go all in on YOUR dreams and passions??

I haven't hashed out the details yet, but I will be launching a new private coaching program for the high level online creator who has had some business success and is ready to go to the next level and is ready to shift some major shit on the subconscious level to make that business growth happen.

No strategy. No action plans. No how-tos.

Just straight up mindset work.

Like I said, I don't have any details yet. But if you'd like to receive an application when it opens, send me a PM and I'll make sure you're first in line to apply ❤️❤️❤️

Let's do this.