Last night I got totally consumed with Chef Table France and was so inspired by one of the chefs stories.

Him and his wife gave it SEVEN YEARS to make their restaurant business work.


They opened a restaurant in a region of France where NO ONE cared about food at the level.

They took a huge risk.

In those seven years, they were struggling. Barely making enough money to survive, often having no customers at all for days, and really doubting their vision.

And they continued to show up, day in, day out, and prepare the restaurant for the day as if the dining room would fill.

More often than not, it wouldn't.

They never backed down. They never gave any less.

They knew their concept was unique, and they had so much passion for it, they were going to go all in and give it their best shot.

And on the seventh year, because they had committed to seeing it through, only then, did they entertain the idea of quitting.

They wanted to. It made sense to from a logical standpoint.

All signs were pointing to failure.

Just as they were about to quit, something shifted and they received their first Michelin star. All of a sudden, more seats were filling up every night, and they had quite the name for themselves.

It's been quite some time since their dark period, but at the time the show was filmed, they had two Michelin stars and a thriving business.

What about you?

Are you prepared to do what it takes to have your dream come to life?

How much time have you given yourself to make your vision come into reality?

Are you willing to wade through the dark nights of the soul and continue to show up and do the work?

Are you willing to have faith?

Every day, every year, for seven years, if that's what it takes? Even if it looks like it's falling apart?

A lot of people aren't.

It's not because they aren't willing to do the work.

It's because their passion isn't big enough.

You have to love the thing so hard, that you would do it for free if you had to.

It has to be a "how could I NOT do this??"

Do you have it in you?

All of these chefs, these ARTISTS, had something inside of them that needed to come out. There was an idea in them that was seeking expression.

It was their life's mission to express their art.

The art, the message, the expression is your fuel.

It's what keeps you going when shit just doesn't seem like it's working.

It's the thing that this is all about anyways.

It's not about the money, the following, the fame, whatever.

It's about allowing that thing inside of you that is dying to be expressed, to come out, and to be a natural extension of the passion you feel inside.


Are you willing to just let it be about that?
Are you willing to trust that that's the answer?
Are you willing to have faith?

Are you willing to give the rest of your life to it?

I'd love to hear your intention statements in the comments.


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You've got this.