Are you shaming yourself for your desires?

There ain’t no shame in wanting your deepest desires to come true.


I see a lot of shame pop up on social media.


Shaming people for showing off their hot bodies.

Shaming people for posting money results.

Shaming people for the way they run their business.

Shaming people for their political preferences.

Shaming people for their sexual preferences.

Shaming people for where they’re at in their process.


Lots of shame.


But, you know what?


What everyone else says to you really doesn’t matter.


What’s REALLY important is what you’re saying to YOURSELF.


Nothing pisses me off more than when I see people shaming each other online.


It puts me into a RAGE.  A blind fit of fury where I want to livestream and freak out and throw tomatoes, and I can’t even get a word out past my frustration.


But when I calm the fuck down and tune in, I always notice the same thing.


Because, you know that everything that happens triggers you is a reflection of something you aren’t willing to look at for yourself.


What I’ve been noticing lately, is the times when I am most triggered by the online shaming shenanigans, are the times when I am most deeply entrenched in SELF shame.


And it runs RAMPANT.


I’ve done it about seven times already today.


Shamed myself for setting my August goal for $50K.

Shamed myself for not choosing “pretty enough” colors on my new sales page.

Shamed myself for not dropping everything to help a family member who was in need.


On Saturday morning, I openly admitted to one of my mentors that I actually desire to be online famous.  A celebrity of the entrepreneurial world.


It took me QUITE some time to actually admit that to myself, and when the words came out of my mouth the other day, I was shocked.


I quickly tried to reel it back in, to laugh it off like it was a joke, and then I was like, NO, EFF THAT!!!




I desire to be a multi seven figure, online famous entrepreneur and I don’t even need to justify all the reasons WHY.


I just get to own it and live into it.


Just like you get to live into your desires.


So what desires are you shaming?


Do you want to leave your hubby and go off on a solo adventure on a sailboat around the world?

Do you never want to have kids but feel like you “should”, so aren’t fully accepting your desire to not?

Do you have sexual desires that you are not fully owning because you feel like they would be misunderstood or criticized?

Do you want a million followers on Instagram but then immediately shame yourself for thinking so “excessively”?






You get to want whatever you want in this lifetime, and you go after whatever makes your beautiful heart sing with ultimate joy and bliss, is NOT taking away from anyone else.


In fact, it does the opposite.


It liberates others.


When you allow yourself the freedom to pursue your bliss, you carve a pathway for others to do the same.


Nothing could be less selfish.


So go on with your badass self and OWN THAT SHIT.


Post about it loud and proud.


Make time for it daily.


Don’t let anyone stand in your way.


This is YOUR life, and other’s judgments about what you do and how you do it, are THEIRS, and NONE of your business, actually.




One life.




Own it.