Ohhhhh man, I am so excited for this blog post today.

I was just journaling up a frenzy of juicy shit and it went into a direction of who I get to be and why I don't need to explain myself to anyone, ever again.

Because THAT is a thing I do.

Let me justify why you should listen to me, why I took a particular action, why I feel this way, said this thing, said it in this way, etc, etc.

I was thinking about Discovery Calls and how when I was first coaching and talking to people about my services, how I always felt like I had to "convince" them or "show" them why they would want to work with me.

Like who I was being wasn't enough.

And I see this everywhere in my life, and yours too.

The reality?

You don't ever owe anyone an explanation, EVER, for who you are, what you do, and how you do it.


And if you find yourself continually justifying your life to everyone around you, then perhaps it's time to give yourself permission to NOT do that anymore!!

I was thinking also about the people I have been following and spending my virtual and physical time with since I've upleveled....these are some badass people who are mega successful and completely 1000% unapologetic about their lives.

Meaning, they don't need to justify anything.

And anyone who demands a justification? Well....that's just not the kind of person that stays in their orbit for too long!

I was thinking about how recently I've heard multi-millionaires who I respect and adore, casually talking about making loads of money, spending loads of money, and remarking so playfully, isn't it is so easy and fun to make millions and spend millions?? All I have to do is be me!!

And I am the first to admit that three years ago, that kind of attitude towards money (and life) would have triggered me BIG TIME.

But as my relationship with money continues on its healing journey and I take more and more responsibility for my own joy, my own experience, my own LIFE, now I am at a place where I absolutely LOVE hearing people relate to money in this way.

Which then got me thinking...

In order to be that unapologetic, you have to be in the business of never caring to justify yourself about anything.

Because you GET to just be you and let it be what it is.

You get to make bold statements that you know certain people aren't going to like, and you don't care because you know what??

If those people hadn't of said those things, I wouldn't have even known what was possible for me.

I'm so GRATEFUL they didn't tone themselves down to make other people comfortable.

So do you see that it is not only for YOU, but that if you came to this planet and said I WANT TO HELP HEAL THE PLANET, than it is your DUTY to be unapologetically you?

It is your DUTY to not give a fuck what anyone else thinks about it and then when someone has something to say about it, it is also your duty to NOT take responsibility FOR THEM, for THEIR perception.

Do you see what lesson this brings to the world?
Do you see what permission you grant others when you commit to living your life this way?

So, my love, it's safe to be you.
You don't need to convince ANYONE of your value.
You don't need to hold another's hand too tight to see the light you see.

But you DO need to be YOU. All of you. And never ever ever justify or apologize about that to anyone.

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