Let me tell you WHO I am, deep down at the core, that I am done hiding, shying away from, making myself wrong for, or taking any flack from anyone about.

If this sounds harsh to you, that’s okay, but I am definitely not going to compromise who I am, in order to make you feel comfortable or to keep the peace.

Let this be a lesson for YOU that YOU also get to claim who you are, unapologetically, and you also get to walk away from anyone who can’t accept you FULLY, for who you are.

Got it?

And case in point - those of you who think this post sounds harsh, or too blunt, or negative, or whatever, are missing the point entirely, and therefore…aren’t my people.

But those of you who ARE aligned, will see it for what it is.

A message of empowerment.

Permission to be you.

An opportunity to be responsible for your truth, your beliefs, your perceptions and how you show up in the world.

What you create.

Your results.

All of it….

Ok, so anyways, yesterday I did the (gasp) unmentionable thing of looking at my unsubscribes.

I haven’t done that in weeks, as previously, seeing the individual names who unsubscribed would send me into a tailspin (epecially when those names were close family members or friends).

But for some reason, last night, I got curious and I peeked.

Usually people just put that they are no longer interested but this one in particular stood out to me.

“Too many emails - three in one day”

Um….yeah I sent you three emails in one day!


So you WANT to be on someone’s list who you don’t love their message enough to hear three of them in one day?!?!

Like, seriously, what the actual fuck?

The people whose email lists I subscribe to?

I am STOKED when there are multiple emails per day stockpiled in my inbox.

Now, I know a lot of you (any my past self included), would take that feedback and make changes, tweak, shift who they are and use this as one more example of not actually doing what you feel called to do and instead?

Trying to please others.
Thinking there is a “right” way.
Following the “rules.”
Thinking it’s not safe to just do what you want.
Thinking you need to change who you are, what you say, and how you show up, in order to please others.

So, my mentor suggested I let YOU (the follower) know EXACTLY who I am, and how I intend to (and will!) do business, and you can gladly unsubscribe, unfollow, if my message and who I am is not a resounding hells yes for you.

And of course, that’s okay, because you are entitled to your opinion and I even ENCOURAGE you to be super fucking clear about who YOU are, and how YOU would like to curate your life.

My point?

I expect many unfollows and unsubscribes from this message today, because my WHOLE ENTIRE FUCKING POINT is about getting mega clear on what you are and are not available for and then committing to ONLY living your life from that level of alignment.

I sent an email similar to this not too long ago, but apparently there were some people that didn’t get the memo and still wanted me to be someone I’m not.

I suggest you write a similar declaration to yourself and for yourself (and perhaps for your followers) about who you give yourself permission to be.

And know that your people? Will love you even more for it.
And Not Your People? Well, they will have a reason now to walk away.

So without further ado...


I don’t sugar coat the truth and I say it how I see it and I trigger people on purpose and I say the thing that most people don’t want to hear.

I don’t do anything that I don’t want to do, and often, don’t have a reason.

I believe in people taking FULL responsibility for their lives and I do not surround myself with people who don’t.

I work whenever the fuck I want to, and for however long I want to, and it’s actually no one’s business to tell me what is too much, how long, “bad for me”, etc.

The above point applies to ANYTHING. I am completely unavailable for unsolicited feedback about what I “should” be doing, EXCEPT for from the people I pay thousands of dollars each month to, for that specific purpose.

Sound aggressive?

I don’t care.

Because I also don’t really CARE what other people’s judgments are about the way I do things and the way I show up, and who I am and how I operate, and about my business model, my structure, etc. Have your opinions (OF COURSE!), but don’t think they are going to sway me.


Because I know best about what’s right for me.

Just like YOU know best what’s right for YOU.

Which is another thing.

I don’t often give feedback to my clients. And this can be frustrating for those who aren’t my ideal clients.

Why don’t I give feedback?

Because you getting validation from external sources, when really what you TRULY invested in when you hired me was the opportunity to start validating yourself from WITHIN, is actually completely counterproductive to the entire point of hiring a coach.

I am not a consultant, I am a coach.

I will not tell you WHAT to do, and HOW to do it.

I will ask you the questions and guide you towards tapping into the answers within.

There’s nothing wrong with people telling you what to do. There are coaches out there like that. And again, it’s all perfect, and to each his own, but I AM NOT THAT COACH.

I swear, often.

I livestream with no makeup on, often.

My dog belches into the camera during livestreams, often.

I sometimes send out one email a week, and other times its three in one day.

I am terrible at calling people back.

I am unavailable for gossiping about other people. I’m more interested in creating, rather than reacting.

I'm a planner and really bad about being spontaneous, EXCEPT for when I am traveling and then there is zero plan, and it's game on.

I am unavailable for political conversations. That doesn’t mean my head is in the sand. It actually means I get to CHOOSE what I focus on, based on the knowing I have that what I focus on grows and so I choose to focus on what I CAN do to make the world a better place. It’s actually WAY more proactive, in my opinion. And you get to have YOUR opinion about that, but telling me I’m wrong for what I believe, is the very thing you’re fighting against, right? Please - if this doesn't resonate with you, just unfollow rather than arguing me in the comments. I'm not available for that. I respect your opinion without trying to sway you, so please respect mine as well.

Victim mentality makes me run for the hills.

I know what it’s like to be dead broke, and so while I get your story, and man oh man, can I feel your pain, I also believe in you fully that you can create a different reality FROM within. Because I did it, and so you can too. Funny how people get triggered by that.

I love dogs and wine and won’t shut up about either.

I had times in my coaching career and was specifically coaching around money and was in Money Breakdown. And I am grateful that I didn’t listen to all the online shaming about being out of integrity around that because I GOT to practice what I was preaching, and cleaned it up and worked out my money shit, rather than stopping and quitting because I felt beat down.

I am FULLY responsible for my perceptions, and I believe that you get to be as well.

I am not available for low vibe bullshit.

I am an Aries and am fiery as fuck, and do this thing where I *pretend* to be more watery and grounded, but I’m actually not. Which is why you may see this entire post as ranty/aggressive/angry, while I actually see it as passionate/uplifting/and powerful. Again, perception….

The biggest struggle for me in my life (and in my coaching business) has been a subtle feeling that I’m not good enough yet, to have what I want, and that if only I did more/had more, that I would finally prove myself WORTHY of claiming my place at the top. (Please - no coaching me around this. I have a coach who is helping me to clean this up). Can you relate?

I believe that there is more power available to us when we find our people and band together, rather than trying to shame/convince/change people who don't share the same views as us.

I don’t believe in showing the world your private shit if you’re not ready.

But I do believe in telling the truth about who you are and what you’re up against to a degree that you feel comfortable with.

I believe that the world is full of contradictions.

I believe that you can have anything you want.

I believe that you are literally creating your own reality, every single second.

I do NOT believe that you need to bend over and let Mercury Retrograde have its way with you. I do believe in it’s affect, but I believe that ultimately? You get to choose your experience, no matter WHAT.

I believe in finding the good in ALL people, even the ones doing evil things.

I believe in self expression.

I believe that everything is always working out for us.

I believe that resistance creates more of what you are resisting.

I believe that life is only as easy/difficult as you allow it to be.

I believe in YOU…if you do ;)

I believe that all of the answers you’ve ever been looking for, are right inside of you.

I have extreme levels of road rage.

Nothing makes me more furious than someone driving like an asshole and putting other people in danger.

Even though I am bold, and clear as fuck about my desires and who I am and what I believe in, I am also extremely gentle, kind, loving, compassionate, and sweet. Yes you can be all of that.

I drink wine every night.

My boyfriend calls me LH (short for Little Hitler) because I am super bossy about domestic shit (i.e. dishes). He also calls me the Little Lou, and I call HIM the Big Lou. Which is hilarious because sometimes people think his actual name is Lou and when I say Ian to them they think I have a new man.

I put myself first and believe that that is the only responsible way to live.

I don’t fully resonate with most people, and for awhile I made myself wrong for that, until I realized that I am just super clear on the type of energy I desire to align myself with.

I LOVE super crunky, hardcore electronic music.

I don’t believe that the money is in the list, or you need to cater to your audience’s needs, or you need to have beautiful branding and a website in order to be successful.

I DO believe you need to be true to you, be authentic, and have a driving force that feels BIGGER THAN YOU, in order to be successful in online business.

I believe that making money becomes easy, when you forget about the need to make money.

I believe that you create your own reality.

I believe that everything is always working out for you.

And I believe that you absolutely MUST be unapologetically YOU, always, because ultimately your life is about being TRULY happy and fulfilled, and the only way to do that is to give yourself FULL permission to be you and go after what you want.

I will never again:
Compromise myself
Devalue myself
Hide myself
Stuff down my truth
Apologize for someone else’s perception of me
Belittle my desires to make someone else comfortable
Not share a message that I feel called to

Can you write yourself a similar declaration?

You see, the people who are going to really enjoy following me, are the people who are ready for this level of truth. Of deep inner work.

Of taking the reins and saying - THIS IS UP TO ME.

And knowing, that in doing so, it doesn’t take away anything from anyone else.

In fact, it helps elevate everyone around you.

So if you’re with me, give me a hells yes. Tell me what you’re ready to commit to for yourself.

And if you want to work with me 1-1 AND be part of a next level mastermind experience with other badass ladies committed to the kind of shit we’re talking about here, send me a PM and we can chat details.

It’s safe to be you.

Stop giving a fuck about what anyone has to say about it.

Give yourself permission to fully own who you are and create your life around that.