Are you currently stuck in learning mode? In consuming ALL THE THINGS that you think you NEED to know, or improve on, or practice, BEFORE you can give yourself permission to fully step in?

Have you been taking course after course and listening to podcast after podcast, continuing to feel like once you know enough or have done enough or have enough time under your belt, that THEN (and only then), you’ll be ready to fully step in and claim your spot as a leader?

Do you know that you as of right now you…

Are enough
Have enough
Do enough
Know enough

To just step in and BE THE PERSON that you are trying so hard, perhaps even desperately, to become?

Do you get that there is nothing more that you actually NEED to learn, and that that green light you are waiting to just fall out of the sky deeming you ready, is actually never coming?

Do you understand that you can just step in and CLAIM it, NOW?

There are two things I personally hide behind. And I bet you do it too.

The first is I am an eternal student. Which is fine, and wonderful, and actually I would suggest that you DO of course, continue always learning and reaching and practicing.

But at one point are you going to claim your spot as the teacher? As the leader? 

At what point are you going to shift from consumer mode and into creator mode?

It’s so easy to hide behind course after course, livestream after livestream, module packet after module packet, thinking that when I finally do ALL the work, THEN I will be deemed a LEADER, but only once I have learned ENOUGH and completed ENOUGH.

Um….what is the message you are sending yourself really?

That the answers lie outside of yourself, and that once you “learn them all”, THEN you can be rich, famous, have a million followers, end world hunger, impact millions, etc.

But the answers have ALWAYS been inside of YOU, and thank goodness right? That should save you some time, really ;)

So, yes, keep learning, keep building your skill, keep honing your craft, AND make sure that YOU CREATING and you STEPPING IN AND CLAIMING YOUR SPOT AS A LEADER, are actually at the top of that priority list you got.

Which brings me to thing number two.

Ohhhhh the dreaded to do list.

The to do list is my version of a suit of armor.

Because in order to BE successful, wealthy, impactful, famous, creative, etc, etc, you MUST have actually accomplished ALL OF THE THINGS first, right?


Are you waiting for your to do list to finally get worked through before you step in and OWN your place?

Are you any less of a badass because you haven’t yet checked off the 157 things that actually don’t really matter, and would most likely get checked off once you just relaxed into your natural badassery anyways?


So, listen, you can hide behind whatever you want to hide behind.

To do lists
Healing work


You can say - once I have this, THEN I’ll do this….

You can try that out for awhile if you’d like….

And you can also recognize that your life is actually happening right this second and that there is NEVER going to be a perfect time, and that whole hesitation/I’m not ready yet/I need to learn more - — BULLSHIT —- is actually just a really great way of NOT stepping in and owning your greatness NOW.

And the kicker part about all of it is this:

If you’re actually in this business to HELP people, to CHANGE THE FREAKING WORLD, to have a MASSIVE impact….then this whole, “I need to wait until I’ve proven myself more” thing…

Well it’s actually pretty selfish!

You have gifts to share NOW.
You have lives to change NOW.
You have a potent message to share NOW.

You hiding behind the bullshit that doesn’t matter is not of service to ANYONE.

So, let’s collectively, right now, take a deep breath.


Repeat after me:

I have all that I need now to step fully into my purpose.
There is nothing more I need to do.
There is nothing more I need to learn.
There is nothing I have to prove.
The world is waiting for me to step up.
And so I choose to deem myself ready.

And get on with your bad self already, yah?