Surrender To Your Art

Surrender To Your Art.

I’ve had so much bubbling up inside of me as of late, that if I had surrendered to the creative flow, to the words that were calling to pour forth, I honestly would have been up for days, writing.

But instead, I shoved it down. I packed it back in. I swallowed it all. I let it consume me.

The ironic thing is this…

So I have been focusing a lot lately on “my art”. And actually more so on the figuring out of what that actually means to me.

This year, I stepped into deeper layers of my business that I never even knew were possible.

I shifted away from the classic underpinnings of “being an entrepreneur”, i.e. focusing on sales, money, list growth, and “all the things”….

And began to tune into the stir inside of me that was saying…

Lean in.
There’s more here for you.
This is just the surface stuff.

And so I hired mentors who are creative visionaries and artists FIRST, and profit-growing entrepreneurs SECOND (ironically - these are the ones who are actually making the most money - ironic, but not so ironic really…)

I began to see that my life’s purpose yes IS to be a coach and impact millions and make millions and all of that.

But really?

That’s just the surface.

Because my entire life there has been this knowing, this seed, this feeling, this pull, to something that I could never put words to.

I spent years and years trying to figure out what it was.

But I kept looking for it outside of myself…

In men.
In drugs.
In other people.
In experiences.

All the while, it was inside of me the whole time.

And I had numbed it out for so long, dismissing it as fantasy, or just some odd passing feeling that would come up now and again.

Listen up y’all.

If you feel this niggly feeling deep down inside of you about something bigger, something deeper, something that you feel like you are a moth to a flame for, even if you can’t define it or make sense of it?

You actually cannot possibly run away from it.

It will continue to try and get your attention.

The ironic part is here I am trying to “figure out” what my true art is.

Trying to define it.
Trying to label it.
Trying to organize it into a neat little corner of my brain.

All the while agonizing and perplexing about what my true art is, all while feeling a legitimate BOOK’S worth of deep, profound thoughts coming out of me like a purge, begging to be written down.

No….I’d rather binge watch Bondi Ink in my sweatpants.

Do you see how hilarious this is?

What you are trying to find is already desperately clamoring to be released out of you.

Because, really?

The true art is really just you being you.
You living a life that feels powerful, intentional, creative, alive, aligned, joyful, expansive and purposeful.

And whatever comes out of you in the form of a physical art from that place? From that being?

Well, that’s just the expression of your true art, which is just you being you.


When are you going to surrender to your art?

When are you going to give yourself permission to go after your dreams?

When are you going to give yourself permission to not only go after those dreams of building a multi-million dollar empire and having a New York Times bestseller…..

But those dreams of:
-Expressing yourself fully
-Feeling completely at home in your own body
-Having soulmate friendships
-Traveling the world, and impacting every person you come into contact with
-And anything else that would light your soul on fire?

Because really?

The results you want will come when you are living your life in alignment with your grander purpose, your true self, your deepest desires, and your naked creativity.

It is safe to bare your soul.
It is safe to dig deep.
It is safe to take life by the horns and ride that baby like your whole world depends on it.

Because it does.

It’s time to surrender to your art.


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