What are you waiting for?

We are all waiting for something.

For the time to be right.
To have more money in our bank account.
To have a better structure.
To believe in oneself just a little bit more.

Most likely if you are waiting for the tide to change, whether ever so slightly or in a really big way, before you can get/have/be/do the thing you so desperately crave and desire, than really?

You’ll be waiting for ever.

Because the time will never be truly right.
The money won’t give you the magical green light.
The structure isn’t what you are really looking for anyways.
And confidence doesn’t come down from the sky like a lightning bolt and deem you worthy.

You actually just have to decide.

That it’s time.
That you’re abundant.
That your structure IS working, NOW.
That you are enough, just as you, are, now.

There’s this false pretense floating around all of your minds, that in order to step into the level of success you desire, (whatever that looks like for you), that you are going to have to do MORE work, MORE healing, MORE messaging, MORE meditation, MORE journaling, MORE content.

And of course, while I ALWAYS suggest to my clients that they up their visibility game, their content creation, and their mindset work (duh)….this can also be a slippery slope for people who are thinking when they just “get it right”, and they’ve done “enough”, that THEN, and only then, will they be able to step into the results that they want.

But the reality is this:

You get to step into that NOW.

You get to call it in NOW.

And how amazing, if you begin calling it in NOW, while also simultaneously, get to work on your mindset, your visibility, your content.

There is nothing you actually need to prove.
There is nothing you actually need to prepare.

You get to have everything you want NOW, as soon as you decide to, and act in alignment with that decision.

This is what taking a quantum leap looks like.

You mentally erase all the things you thought you needed to do, prove, be, have, accomplish IN ORDER TO create the result, and you instead CHOOSE the result, WITH YOUR MIND, and then watch the results appear around you.

It WILL feel like magic, at first.

And then you will get used to the fact that you are actually, in fact, creating your reality, and that everything you desire, begins with your mind.

Stop waiting for the green light to appear outside of you.

You ARE the green light.

Go create some magic.

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