Red Cosmic Moon and High Level Manifestation

One of these days, you will come face to face with your true innate power and magic.

What will you choose to do with that?

I’ve written about it here and there in the past week, but have still been unable (yet) to full put into words the experience that I just had in Tulum.

There was the surface level experience, of being in a tropical place, on my man’s birthday, of soaking up the sun, and eating delicious ceviche and drinking fresh squeezed passionfruit/pineapple juice, and meeting cool Mayan locals.

And there was also this entire different, more deeply woven experience, that was very personal, that affected me on a deep, cellular level, that had nothing to do with anyone or anything else except for me, and my dreams, and my own beating heart.

It was next level nuts and crazy and scary and beautiful and ecstasy and bliss like I never knew it.

I’ve shared a little bit here and there, and lifted the curtain a little bit yesterday to my mastermind ladies, but have yet to even vocally try to explain it to my closest friends and loved ones.

Because I don’t know what to say.

It’s one of the few times in my life, that I have literally been at a loss for words.

Which sort of sucks as a writer, and that’s something I’m excited to explore more deeply too in my own writing, because I KNOW there is a book to come out of all of this, and I have no idea how to put into words, something that I still can’t even quite comprehend or grasp.

Did I just get wrapped up in the magic of it all?

It’s tempting to think so, but the more I reflect on it all, the more clearly the message keeps getting that seems to be coming straight from source like a dagger into my heart.


I’m not talking about pulling bunnies out of hats (although that does sound kind of fun!), but rather the magic that takes place when you hold a vision in your mind for DECADES (or days, or weeks, or months), and then you literally watch it unfold in front of your very eyes, as you gasp for air, and your heart beats rapidly in your chest, and you hear yourself saying “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!” Over and over in your mind because it is TOO perfect.

Can you relate?

Have you had this experience?

It’s next level wackadoodle when it happens, and you might feel like you’re going crazy.

This is by no means the first time I’ve gotten a glimpse of my own innate power and creativity.

It’s happened many a times at festivals, on hikes, in moments of pure alignment, sometimes by accident, sometimes very much on purpose, often through journaling, and sometimes through just focusing on it long enough.

But it’s NEVER come on this full throttle, and executed with such perfection.

It was psychedelic.

It was like I was directing a symphony orchestra with my mind, and with each thought, I would instantly create a note out of thin air.

It was scary.

So, like I mentioned…STILL not sure exactly how to put this into words, but for now, let’s just say this:

I came FACE TO FACE with my true innate creative power, face to face with all that I really am, and all that YOU really are, and got to see EXACTLY what’s possible for us.

Most of us are all walking around like zombies, going through the daily motions of life, followingthe grooves in the pavement that have already been laid out, coloring in between the lines, doing what feels normal and expected, because honestly?  We’ve never been taught any other way.


You haven’t even begun to DREAM about what’s possible for you, what you can actually create with your mind, and just how important your big dreams and visions are, even and ESPECIALLY the ones that you may have deemed as a pipe dream.

You may catch on in this lifetime, if you get inspired by someone living this way and start to lean into the possibility that you can live this way too.  If you are ready.

And you might not.

And both are perfect.

Because you are always exactly where you need to be.  Always.

And for those of you who do, and you start practicing, and you start leaning in, and you start opening up, and you begin the process of getting aligned with who you truly are, the moment may come when you are face to face with the REAL view of just how powerful you are.

And what are you going to do?

Are you going to allow it to completely freak you out?  

Are you going to think you’re going insane and go run and hide?

Or are you going to relax into it.

To trust it.

To surrender to it.

To answer the call.

To practice allowing that that level of magic and bliss and OH MY GOD YES I CREATED THIS, to be your normal and just how you relate to yourself and your life?

On Day Four of Tulum, after I had already decided that I was going nuts and that I must be dreaming and man this is a LONG ASS dream, but let’s just roll with it…

I was sitting under my little beach cabana in front of Be Tulum, watching my man swim in the ocean, listening to the Future Sound of London so perfectly coming out of the speakers that were sitting above the restaurant and blasting out onto the beach.

And I put down my copy of “The Magician’s Way”, only to (ironically), look to my left, and see a man walking towards me in a wizard hat.

Now this guy looked straight out of Burning Man, and I couldn’t tell if he was a wise sage recycled many lifetimes to spread truth and light, or if he was a washed up homeless man who was going to try and trick me into giving him some pesos, but either way, as he got closer, I noticed how familiar he looked.

He walked straight up to me and smiled.

I, of course, had met him before.

Whether it was at some festival in some desert somewhere, or whether it was solely in my mind, we both recognized each other and smiled.

He said in perfect English, but with a definite Mayan/Mexican accent, “Would you like me to tell you who you are?”


He pulled out a card and he told me that he practices Mayan astrology and that if I told him my birthday, he would tell me who I am and why am I here.

He then proceeded to tell me that I am a Red Cosmic Moon and that I am one of the chosen ones who was put here to help the planetary transmission, to bring darkness into the light, and to raise the collective vibration of the planet, and to aid in the shift of consciousness.

I smiled gracefully, as I knew that. (Duhhhh…) ;)

And then he looked at me and he said to me something that really stuck - He said, “but just because that’s what you are here to do, does not mean you will do it.  Because what is being asked of you is scary.  You want to run and hide from your light, because your own power scares you.  There are many like you on this planet right now, but most of them are running and hiding.  They do not have what it takes.  I don’t know if you do or not.  Only you do.  You can continue to hide.  Or you can shine your light.  If you choose to shine it, the entire world will be transformed by you alone.”

I almost choked on my watermelon seed.

It was so perfectly timed, it was ridiculously uncanny.

I was already knee deep in being face to face with my power.  And then this guy shows up.

He told me some other insights that were useful for me to know, and then my man came up from the water and as the man in the wizard hat began to read him his astrology, I ran back to the room to get him some pesos for a tip.

When I came back, the wizard had morphed back into normalcy.  Him and my boyfriend were chatting about the waves, and the tourists, and normal day to day stuff, and it was like the things he had said to me about why I was here, were just a distant memory as he got back to his normal day to day routine of walking the shoreline in his wizard hat.

We saw that guy three (four?) more times while we were there.

What he said will never escape my mind, because it dawned on me.

It’s ONE thing to actuallyn have the experience of being schooled in just how powerful you actually are, to the degree that I experienced it in Tulum, but it’s another thing entirely to actually SHINE THAT LIGHT once you’ve seen it fully, and experienced the power of it firsthand.

Most will shut it down.

Most will hide it away.

Most will say the environment was just set up for magic.

Most will say it was all in their head.

Most will dismiss it as imaginative, wishful thinking, magical thinking, woo woo, om shanti, or anything else that tries to convince them that what they feel inside of them isn’t real.

Imagine if every single person who experienced their own sense of innate magic and power, actually gave themselves permission to tap into it?

The world would be instantly transformed.  Maybe even overnight.

If you resonate with what I am talking about, and you’re nodding your head voraciously at every word…I urge you.


It is your duty.

It is your mission.

It is your purpose.

To not shy away from it.

But instead to lean into it, to surrender into it, to allow it all to fully submerge you and carry you into higher levels of love, alignment, leadership, connection, creativity, consciousness and LIFE.

The world needs you now more than ever.


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking around the type of woman that I am calling in to my new Level Up Mastermind Program.  My experience in Tulum helped me nail it, as far as EXACTLY who this woman is.

She is the woman who has tears in her eyes reading this post, because not only can she relate, but she knows that she is shying away.  Her magic, her power, her bliss SCARES her.  She has already created some success in her life and business, things look pretty and tidy on the outside, people may even consider her to be an expert, but on the inside, she knows she isn’t fully unleashing the true magic of what’s inside of her.

You know what I am talking about.

I made a commitment in Tulum to myself, to not shy away anymore.

To choose, every day, to step DIRECTLY into my own light.  

Because it is my duty.  It is my purpose.  It is the exact reason why I was put here on this planet.

Yes, in running a business, we must focus on revenue, and growth, and serving our clients, and all of that, of course.

But when was the last time you prioritized bliss, creativity, alignment, magic, power, connection, and straight up, badass manifestation??

And created it all from THAT place?

That’s what Level Up is all about.

I’m taking four women to start.

PM me for details.