Relax! No one said it was going to be easy.

Relax!  No one said it was going to be easy.

Or maybe they did and you fell into the trap/lie/myth of thinking that your biggest and wildest dreams were just going to float on over to your fingertips as you decided you wanted them, for real, this time.


Seriously, did you think it was going to be THAT easy?


Wouldn’t you already have the thing, if it were so?


I was talking to my coach last night, in a little bit of a funk, and being just slightly boo-hoo-y, and actually honestly, sounding perhaps a little bit like a spoiled brat.


Oh, WHOA IS ME, I get to create a life and a business of my own design.

I get to have time and money freedom.

I get to travel the world in luxury.

I get to build a business from my sweatpants from my couch mid-snuggles with my dog, or from an airport lounge in my favorite high vibe outfit, with a glass of Sancerre in hand.


Seriously, life is sooooo hard.


Haha, ok but anyways - back to my point.


Did you seriously think it was going to be easy?


Why do you act surprised when you hit a wall, an obstacle, a “problem” (which you KNOW are just opportunities anyways).


Did you think it was going to be easy, overnight, instantaneous to create a seven figure business with tens of thousands of dollars and programs flying off the shelves and a routine spot in Entrepreneur Magazine??


And although it’s tempting to be all victimized and blame it on “all the coaches” who are posting about their fabulous lifestyles and only showing the glittery shit and yada yada, PLEASE - spare me the whoa is me, let me be victimized by everyone else’s process and how they show up online and let me make it about THEM, instead of actually just taking responsibility for ME, because THAT’S actually what they’ve been doing that I’ve been unwilling to do which HAS them flying around the world first class sipping on Dom Perignon.




Anyways, I digress.  (Nothing gets me more heated than when you, YES YOU! - waste your time bitching about how Everyone Else is doing it - Number one rule of success - STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE, EYES ON YOUR OWN PAPER)…And play nice while you’re at it, yeah??


So back to this idea that you think creating your wildest dreams was supposed to come easy, and freely and go off without a hinge.


I’m sorry.

I know you’re frustrated that its not that way.

I am too, sometimes.


But the longer you spend moping around, kicking rocks, cursing your lot, and feeling SORRY for yourself??


The more time you waste:

-Being hard on yourself

-Not creating your soul’s work

-Being stuck in victim mentality

-Adding stress to your nervous system

-And just NOT in any way, shape, or form, being magnetic to your soulmate tribe!!


Can you find it in yourself to pick yourself up by your bootstraps, aknowledge to yourself that this is actually just what it looks like, realizes you’re not special, and get the fuck on with it (this process of creating your dream life?!)


Listen, the only reason I say this to you is because well, A, you need to hear it, but because B?


I was pulling this shit yesterday too.


I was talking to my mentor who makes MULTIPLE seven figures a year in her business, is online famous, THE leading mentor for online badasses, and who walks her talk like no one else I’ve ever seen online.


Hearing her remind me that this is just part of the process and that at EVERY level, you will have doubt and fear and the only thing that will ensure your success, is that you keep going, sort of smacked me back to reality.




I’m not saying that creating your dream business is all about struggle and strife.  

Not at all.


But if you REALLY mean it, and you’re REALLY following your purpose work, and you’re REALLY going after what you REALLY want?




You’re going to have to drive up to the surface, and heal, and release, ALL THE THINGS that were initially in the way of you creating that to begin with.


You’re going to have to develop habits of consistency.


You’re going to have to actually learn some business basics of what the actual fuck to DO online.


You’re going to have to build confidence, strength, determination, grit, resilience, passion, fervor, and humility.


You’re going to have to clean up all of your wacky ass scarcity shit and heal your relationship with money.


You’re going to have to learn how to love and accept yourself.


You’re going to have to learn how to BE yourself.


You’re going to have to learn how to SHINE YOUR LIGHT.


So…ermmmm….yeahhhh…..not for the faint of heart.


That’s why most people who want to build an online empire…don’t.


They perhaps weren’t aware of what it would take and got a few months/years in and were like holy shit, I can’t handle this.


Or they knew it, and they got into the thick of it, and just couldn’t hang.


It takes sheer determination and commitment to walk the plank when it’s tough.  Especially when it’s tough, month after month, year after year.


But if you want it bad enough, you’ll just keep going.


And that’s how success is born.


Just keep going.




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