I just caught wind tonight that someone I considered to be a friend, has been talking trash about my social media posts.

Let’s get something straight off the bat:

I am a messenger. A leader. A writer. A coach.

It is my JOB to get on social media every day, share my truth, and inspire my community.

Most of you are following me on social media, because you resonate with that message, you feel the impact of my work, and you get it.

A lot of you REALLY get it. Like, messaging me daily telling me I’m inside your head and you feel like I am speaking to you DIRECTLY.

Then there are some of you who don’t get it, but are open to what I’m sharing, are curious, and are inspired by what you are hearing and reading.

But then there seem to be a small handful of people who DO NOT GET IT AT ALL, and actually have the audacity to trash talk, and then still pretend to be my friend and support me.

Why not just unfollow?
Why spend your time even pretending?

Now, as a coach who prides herself on excellence and mastery of all things personal development (because, again, that is my JOB, to those of you are confused)…, I take full responsibility for every single thing in my life.


Shame on me for letting people who aren’t FULLY aligned, 1000% hells yes, into my life.

Because you always know right away, don’t you?

And to be clear, the amazingly wonderful part about all of this is that I am finally in a place in my life where I am FULLY standing in my power, and so confident in what I do, and who I am, that their blatant disrespect?

I could care less about it.

Because I believe in my message and I stand behind every single word I write.

I know how much truth is infused into every single word I put down on paper.
I know that this is my calling, my true soul purpose.
I know that I was put here on this planet to do AMAZING things and have a really big impact.

And really, in all reality, the people who get triggered by other people standing in their power? Well, any self aware person knows that that is simply a reflection of their own insecurities and self doubts.

So I had a choice tonight.

I could let the naysayers defeat me.
I could shy away from my light and my message, as to not have any other hurtful words said behind my back,
To avoid pain.
To avoid disappointment.
To avoid doubt.

I could punch my pillow.
I could drink copious amounts of tequila shots at the bar.
I could spend my time voice texting every single one of my biz besties to get their input on it.

Or, I could use that fuel to make my fire burn even brighter.
To get even MORE loud and bold with my message.
To use THIS example as a teaching point for YOU - The Ones Who Are Actually Listening.

Yes, I feel hurt.
Yes, I feel betrayed.

And so the question I now get to ask myself is - How can I be responsible for this?
How can I see this as a reflection for me to look at?

Well —- let’s be honest.

I haven’t been tuning into my OWN gut and intuition lately about a couple of relationships that I have that don’t feel like a 100% hells yes, soul aligned, type of connection.

I’ve been giving my time and energy to people that don’t fully understand or support my vision.

I’ve been giving my time and energy to people that don’t share the same values as me.

And I continued to go there.
I continued to hang out in that wishy washy space.

Even THOUGH I KNEW on a conscious level, that I was making misaligned choices about where I was spending my energy.

I continued to stay inside the comfort of just “going along with the flow” so as not to avoid conflict.

I essentially, was not standing in my power around what I was and was not available for.

And so it was only a matter of time.

So here is the lesson for you.

There are seven billion people on the planet (roughly).


Don’t be afraid to walk away.

Not the second time.
Not the third time.

But the EXACT moment you realize that you’re not one of them, and they aren’t one of you.

You can hope they’ll get it.
You can try to explain it to them.
You can ram it down their throats.
You can hope that if you just - shine - your - light - BRIGHTER, that they will come around.

And you’ll be wasting your time.

Because, then, my friend, you are officially living your life for someone else.

And your life is for YOU.

You DESERVE to speak your truth.
You DESERVE to get mega amped up about what you believe in.
You DESERVE to follow your dreams.

Surround yourself with people who GET that, FULLY.

And the ones that don’t?

Let them go.

PS: I am also feeling called to say that the more I go down this magical journey of entrepreneurialism, the more unfuckwithable I become.

I made a commitment to say EXACTLY how I feel and what I think and not to ever again worry about being TOO bold, TOO loud, TOO crazy, TOO spiritual, TOO inspirational, TOO vulnerable, TOO confident, or really TOO MUCH of anything.

I refuse to back down.

So haters? Bring it on.
Trash talkers? Bring it on.

You will only make me LOUDER.

Nothing will stop me from sharing my message and living my truth.